Southern Appalachian Folk/Roots

Soldier's Heart is a Southern Appalachian Folk/Roots band. Their own brand of what they call "Honest Porch and Soul" music brings the kind of down-home satisfaction to the ear that a fine homecooked meal does to the belly. This six piece seamlessly blends traditional mountain instrumentation with contemporary songwriting to accomplish the goal of "Bringing the Front Porch to the People"

From The Porch

The front porch has long been considered by many to be the "most important room in the house". It's a place where people gather to play,eat,drink,or simply watch the day draw to a close.While we've enjoyed many evenings with our musical family,Things have a tendency to change.The folks on the porch change as well,people leave to follow their own paths making room for someone else to sit down a groove awhile. Late last year,Joey Fortner came to me with the news that he was leaving Soldier's Heart to persue a more traditional form of expression with a new project called 'Through the Hills'. Jeff Mendenhall,our Fiddler Extraordniaire,announced that he was moving on as well. Guitarist Chris McElrath is yearning for the Texas hill country and has also elected to resign. We wish them all the very best.It's been too much fun.

So here we are in 2015 with a new year and new opportunities for growth and our eye on that beautiful horizon of what is yet to be! We're busy booking our year and practicing new songs.We're building a band from the foundation of Rick and Zack's brotherly rhythm section,I've been busy writing new songs,We've got some new merch in the works,We've got all the songs for our next record which should be recorded later this year,and some new members coming onboard very soon.We thank you for your continued support and interest in our little band and all the love you've all shown us over the past couple of years.So,If we can shine it on a little farther together,we'll be bringing you the very best in Southern Appalachian Porch Rock for as long as we are able.

Be Free,Be Good,Love Each Other

-Caleb and Soldier's Heart


A Word from the pickers, festivals, cd's and merchandise!!!!

What a Winter and Spring it has been...
We've been very busy boys and it's been awesome, here's a quick recap:
In January, we booked a week at Solomon Mines studio in bonafide Fletcher, NC, to begin work on our debut album, it went astoundingly well and nobody wanted to leave! So we booked two more weeks, to finish it up. And turned friends and business partners into family.


364 Days

May 17th 2014, will be 364 days since Clark at Frog Level Brewing took a gamble on a band he had never heard. The place was hot, it was sweaty, the beer was flowing, and it was PACKED!!!!
Let's do it again....


Soldier's Heart Blog

We have created a blog to keep you up to date with all the news that is happening.

Stay tuned for new & updates.


“It’s the sound of the ancient mountains, the unique people and rich culture”
Garret K. Woodward - Smoky Mountain News